SISU Movement offers luxury watches for the bold, the authentic, and the masculine.These exquisite timepieces combine an Guardian A4-50unashamedly masculine aesthetic with an elegance that refuses to be ignored. A bold and intriguing design language is sculpted into every last detail, creating timepieces that are indeed a whole new breed of wrist instrument.

"Industrial Elegance"

All luxury watches in the SISU watch catalog are sized appropriately to embolden the wearer and encourage him to new heights of greatness. A stunning, sculpted metal bracelet is anatomically designed to provide a perfect fit to the wrist. Weighty without feeling cumbersome, SISU watches not only attract attention, but demand it. Sleek design, machine-sculpted to perfection, ensures both comfort and presence wherever you are.




Back side view ofa black stainless steel mens watch showing Swiss movements

“Sharp distinction.”


The assured wearer take note: SISU Movement offers a luxury watch that was meant to be worn with uncompromising style. From SISU’s impact-forged, surgical-grade stainless steel cases and Swiss-made mechanical movements to the gorgeous sapphire crystal lenses and impeccable Swiss craftsmanship, SISU offers a watch that will captivate and compel.


“Exquisite and exclusive.”

True works of art cannot be replicated. SISU luxury watches are individually numbered, limited edition timepieces. Owning one is as much a privilege as it is a necessity. Choose your SISU watch and become a part of our history, an exciting grand tradition in the making.


Mens watch with italian leather strap with large face and anti-reflective sapphire crystal lensJoin the ranks of esteemed wearers of SISU men’s watches. Our SISU brand ambassadors wear their timepieces with pride, both on or off the fields, tracks, and mountain slopes that they brave every day. SISU doesn’t choose just anyone to carry our name. Our ambassadors must embody the very ideals SISU distills into our luxury watches—those who inspire, define, and strive for excellence.


Telling time is just the beginning. Join SISU and become a part of something greater.


SISU’s three series of men’s watches are designed to inspire the wearer to larger-than-life heights. The BRAVADO series is intended for the discerning wearer who considers an attractive timepiece an essential element for any occasion, whereas the GUARDIAN rewards those who value a steadfast, enduring spirit.  The CARBURETOR is a sleeker style with an automotive inspiration.

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